In 2014, after my child was stillborn, I stepped onto the road of grief. Along the way, I have met many travelers enduring different trials, but we, together, found God. With every step, we endured life’s many griefs and lived the truths of James 1:2.

In February 2018, I ran the Mercedes Half Marathon, and the next week, I started spiritually running too. The Lord said, “It’s time to write.” So, I started blogging again. Then, I wrote a devotional, Whispers of Rest in the Storm. A few months later, Energion Publishing accepted my manuscript and my devotional was published in May 2019!

In July 2018, I picked up a paint brush. It all started when I began doodling during my daily Bible study. Connecting the Word with being creative opened up a playground of healing with the Lord and His Word for me. I started having fun!

A few friends asked to paint with me, sparking brave steps of faith. What if I could combine my desire to teach the Bible and paint? What if the Lord wanted to use me to inspire others on the road of life to endure grief and consider that the joy of the Lord is their strength? Flourishing Faith Designs was born.

I invite you to come along with me on the journey of Flourishing Faith Designs!

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Check out the Flourishing Faith Shop on Etsy to buy a customized painting with your choice of scripture!

Book me for a night of fun connecting scripture with painting!

Need a speaker for your Women’s Ministry event? I would love to share the Word or my testimony of how God walked with me from grief to flourishing faith!

Keep reading the blog as I face new trials and grow in endurance as God continues to complete His good work in me!

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  1. I am so sorry for the loss of your son. I am lifting you up in prayer right now. One of my dear friends lost her son a year ago; she has written a post on my blog about it.

    He was so dear to our family, like a second son. We have grieved alongside their family. It is definitely a journey of pain. Of course, I have no idea the depth of pain; I can only imagine. Praying!


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